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This video was inspired in a challenge made by my school here in the Gold Coast, that I have participated and fortunately I won. This challenge was so important for me and changed the way that I look for my

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Along with my teacher Samir Bernardes and with the amazing help of Karen Rowles, I made this video as my last assesment. I recorded, edited, published and hundreds of people shared. In just five days it had more than 4k

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A short documentary about Pete. His life, his adventures and his love for people, lifestyle, and all things Gold Coast.

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The Multicultural Women’s Friendship Group welcomes women of all ages, all cultures, and all religions to come together in friendship and harmony with a special focus on social inclusion and integration into the wider Gold Coast community. Many of the women are

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Starting in 2017, Natura Pacific began a collaborative project with the South East Queensland community called ‘Back from the Brink’; the first venture of its kind to showcase a series of short films about our region’s most threatened plants and

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Since 1971, the Queensland Theatre of Puppetry has been operated by volunteers on the Gold Coast. In recent years the organisation has been able to donate all proceeds from holiday puppet shows to local charities thanks to sustainable practices.

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Eczema Support Australia started on the Gold Coast, was inspired by a personal story and has grown due to our Gold Coast community. As a misunderstood and underestimated disease, Eczema requires all the support, connection and understanding we can get.

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Follow the Magic Clover is a project that my friend Ulysses and I are growing up to be a social movement in the Gold Coast. With this first project, we want to implement several green projects to guide all the

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A group of youth on the Gold Coast shares their view on helping the community and making positive change.

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Since 2018 volunteers participating in the pouches for joeys project have made over 3000 pouches for orphaned native marsupials.  

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Shopping plastic-free may seem like a challenge at first but with a few simple tips, you will be able to find plenty of alternatives.

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Gold Coast Butterflies operates as a Social Enterprise and is establishing a Butterfly Conservation Centre to help restore butterfly habitats.

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Their colloquial reputation smothers our ability to see their beauty and perfect design. Like all city-dwelling birds, their elegant ability to adapt as we build upon their homes is to be acknowledged They thrive from the rubbish we create after

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Wonderful Morning is a music video intended to motivate people of our community into positive active living. It states in its delivery ‘wake up and seize the day’. It celebrates the coastal lifestyle and is filmed at the iconic Halcyon

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Relative Creative

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RocketAce Eco-surfboards is a hand made surfboards shape project based in Ashmore Gold Coast under the name “The Happy Planet Surf Project” with a deep commitment to education and raise awareness about the protection of the environment. The RocketAce Eco-surfboards

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I made this 1 min short film combining the wise and beautiful words of Alan Watts with beautiful footages that I captured on our amazing city – Gold Coast. I created this video in 2018 as a form of gratitude

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Humanity has always been in a deep connection with the nature and the sense that they gives to environment has been has been sacred therefore respect and SAVE the rivers, skies, land and the sea, today is a basic moral

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Language is one of the most important technologies that the human race has created to date. We use it as a communication tool to organise ourselves across time and space.

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