Competition Guidelines

Reveal the people of the Gold Coast who are making waves of positive movement
through a 1 to 3 minute videos.
It can be live action, documentary, animated or a combination.

Key Criteria

  • 1- 3 minute video
  • Be clear describing the video’s purpose
  • Does your video show one of the following:
    • Sustainable,  green, impacting the Gold Coast?
    • Contains progressive elements.
    • Improves or makes community.
  • Is original, innovative and creative.
  • Applicable to the Gold Coast


  1. You can enter the competition either as an individual, in groups or as a class.
  2. The competition is open to anyone residing within the Gold Coast radius (Coomera to Cabarita)
  3. Ideally 1-3 minute, however if you have a lot to say, no longer that five minutes.
  4. Ensure that all content in your film is your own. If you include any copyrighted or trademarked content, you must be able to provide written permission for its use. Entries containing any unauthorised content will be disqualified.
  5. The major proportion of the work must be done by the entrants and the film submission must demonstrate this.
  6. All subjects appearing in the film need to have consented in writing to their appearance in the film. You can download and use our template consent form.
  7. All entries are due by 20th October 2019. You must submit your entry online and receive confirmation. We will check entries as they come in and contact you if there are any issues.

Have fun in the process and learn something cool about the Gold Coast!