Award Criteria

Videos will be judged on the following criteria:

The Judges will account for 75% of the vote & 25% will be based on public vote

Relevance of the topic (25%)

How well does the film incorporate the theme of The Good Coast – Stories and messages from people striving for a better Gold Coast.

Creativity (25%)

How well does the video draw in the viewer and keep their attention?

Does the video have a sense of remarkability to it?  For example what makes it memorable for the viewer? Do they feels like they want to learn more or even get involved? Is the video is very engaging to watch. Composition and technical production enhance the topic.

Technical Skills (25%)

What is the overall quality of production?

Does it have good audio, framing and light?

Public Vote (25%)

What made the public choose the video?

The Good Coast Team will review the submission and a panel of film, environmental and education experts will select the finalist and winners. The three finalists will be announced at the Good Coast Movie Screening taking place on the 9th November.

Sounds good?
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