About us

Hi! Welcome to The Good Coast Film Festival.
We're glad you are here.
We figure if your reading this you must be part
of the groundswell of goodness that is currently creating our future.
We are too.

In 2018 a random group of local internationals came together fortnightly for 10 weeks for a Social Lab initiative that began at Mindroom Innovation School in Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast.

At week 5 we decided to focus on plastic pollution. There were a bunch of runners in the group so we decided to activate and start ‘Plogging’ (jogging while picking up rubbish) on the local beaches of the Gold Coast.

It was fun….but we wanted to do more.

We called ourselves ‘Somos’

Somos is a group of film makers, photographers, website developers, graphic designers, project managers and community organisers.

The Good Coast is a video festival highlighting people, places and projects that contribute to Gold Coast culture in progressive and positive ways
Think less rubbish, healthier systems and greater community participation.

How are our commodity based lifestyles affecting ourselves, others and future? Do we need to give up convenience to preserve the vitality of our surrounding environments? Or…. Can we figure out ways to live prosperously and still act in harmony with all that sustains us? What if the latter is possible? What if we can live in ways in which we not only survive but thrive as a community?

That’s just what the ‘good coast’ film festival is about. Broadcasting good ideas, places and initiatives around the Gold Coast that are creating waves of change…

...Change for a more progressive and positive community that supports people, wildlife and the environment in abundance for all.
“The power of solutions lies primarily in the people who believe in and own them.”
— V. Srinavas

Let’s engage with taking responsibility to create the future. It might even be more fun than what we are experiencing now.

What’s your mission? We want to share it!